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WestCoastNet is the Central Oregon Coast's leader in network design and engineering. We design, implement and support your network, giving you the keys to today's enabling technologies. You spend time serving your customers, not your computers. We integrate only products from industry leading companies such as Compaq, Microsoft and Cisco. By building your network from trustworthy industry standard components, we never trap you into proprietary dead end products.

We also provide a full range of Wide Area Networking products and support. We supply a wide range of high-speed connectivity options using DSL technology.

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On-site Network Support:
WCN is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider with a combined total of over 20 years of experience in computer networking. We specialize in Windows NT and have broad experience implementing Microsoft Backoffice based solutions. On-Site Rates start at $75.00/hour.

WCN's technicians hold numerous certifications, and WestCoastNet is a certified Microsoft Solution Provider. Our field engineering team is certified in Microsoft, Cisco, and Citrix networking environments to provide expertise in today's cutting edge networking technology. Client operating systems certifications include NT workstation, Windows 95, and A+ professional certifications.

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