Haworth Family Shows
Photo by Bob Reed

Pictured above are a group of kids enjoying a ride on the Roller Coaster. Most of them are wearing armbands that show they purchased an “All You Can Ride” coupon. This allowed them to ride the Roller Coaster and all of the other Haworth Family Shows rides from noon until the Carnival closed.

HAWORTH FAMILY SHOWS will be providing fun and exciting rides for the entire family again this year. From kiddie rides to thrill rides and a variety of games of chance, HAWORTH FAMILY SHOWS has it all. Back by popular demand, HAWORTH FAMILY SHOWS will be offering "All You Can Ride" coupons. Without a doubt, this is one of the best buys that fairgoers should take advantage of. They will be good for all of the Carnival rides ALL DAY, ANY DAY of the fair for $20.00. The "All You Can Ride" coupons MUST be purchased by Tuesday, August 7th. Fairgoers then bring the coupon to the fair and exchange it at the Carnival ticket house for a bracelet. The bracelet will be good all day from noon till the carnival closes. Fairgoers will be able to purchase “All You Can Ride” bracelets during the fair, but they will cost $25.00. The "All You Can Ride" coupons are one of the best values available for families during the fair. Be sure to take advantage of this offer.

Purchase your coupons prior to the fair at:

TLC Federal Credit Union
Godfrey's Garibaldi Pharmacy
Cloverdale Pharmacy
Wheeler Pharmacy
Tillamook Pharmacy
The Fairgrounds Office
Moonlight Madness at corner of Third and Main - August 3rd